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Our Pastor



Shanon Eaton, along with his wife Jessica, are the Lead Pastors of Life City Church in Jacksonville, Florida. After serving in different ministries, they felt the call to start a life-giving church in Jacksonville, Fl. Pastor Shanon earned a Bachelor's degree in Education from Clearwater Christian College and holds a Master's degree in Educational Leadership from Nova Southeastern University.  He completed his education by earning a Master of Divinity degree in Evangelism and Church Growth from Liberty University.


Jessica Eaton was a basketball coach, speaking in Juvenile Detention Centers, and being a Youth and Children’s Pastor, Jessica has always had a passion for the next generation. Due to circumstances growing up, her faith in God was nonexistent. When Jessica was 17, her desire was to go into the military. After discovering she was pregnant, she chose to have an abortion. She then found the Lord at the age of 17 and hasn’t turned back. God’s grace and mercy on her life was so impactful and she prays God will continue to use her to share of his goodness and restoration. 

Fun Facts about Pastor Shanon


Enjoys fitness and Working Out (Former wrestler. Yes, wrestler).


Lemonade is his favorite drink.


Relaxes by reading books.


Chicken wings are his Favorite food.


Feels that everything is better with BBQ sauce.

Fun Facts about Pastor Jessica


Played basketball since she was 5 (she'll take you one on one).


Her motto is Jesus, Family, Coffee.

She was bitten by a crab when she was 8 and hasn't been in the ocean water since.

She and Pastor Shanon got married on his 36th birthday.


Does it have sugar? Yes, she'll have some.

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